Top-down Ear Flap Hat

Another hat to keep another head warm! I’ve been looking for a good ear flap pattern for quite some time and hadn’t had any luck, until a few days ago when Purl Soho released their top-down ear flap hat. I don’t have the specific yarn the pattern calls for but I’ve had some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino tonal grey yarn for a few months in my stash and it has the same guage as the pattern. 

I haven’t ever knit a hat from the top down and I’ve knit many hats. The pattern starts by casting on eight stitches then dividing among four needles. What!? I had to do it twice because I had no idea where to join the round because the needles got all jumbled up. 

Somehow the second try did work and I knit a round and placed the markers.  

Once the increases of the crown were complete it was just stockinette stitch until I got to seven inches from the cast on. 

I find the swirl increases to be really interesting and pretty, which was a pleasant surprise. After binding off the front and back stitches to shape the front and back of the hat, I worked the i-cord for a little over an inch. The PS finished hats all had long cords so I was confused, but then realized long cords and babies are probably a safety hazard. 😳 So I kept it short as this is the 3-6 month size for my co-worker’s baby. 

Here’s the finished i-cord and tassel. I plan to add a small pink pom pom at the top so it should go well with the tassels. I’ll update with a finished picture of her wearing her new winter hat! 💕

A note about the yarn: it is very soft and knit up fine, but the “tonal” color just looks camouflage to me with the way its color worked out in stockinette. I’m not a fan and won’t be using it again. At least I only had one 50 gram ball of it so I’ll probably just hold onto it for waste yarn. Oh well! That’s all part of the process 😂. Maybe different colorways are much nicer as a finished product…I will remain open minded. 

Here’s a picture from Jeff of Sedona wearing it 😁

Traveling Cable Hat

I recently completed the Traveling Cable Hat by Purl Soho. This is a free pattern from their website and the first PS patten I’ve done. I felt like the instructions were really clear and I was very excited to use this Frank Ochre colorway from Malabrigo Rios Yarn. 

This is the start of the 4″ 2×2 rib section

I used size US6 circular needles for the rib and US7 Addi circular needles for the main cable pattern. 
This is the first 12 round repeat of the pattern
I felt like this was a really great cable project because it has two different cables, a wide Celtic looking one and a narrow twist one which look really complicated, but they’re not 😅. Very tedious, and not something I could do around a lot of distractions at first. 
Ready for the decrease portion

Another slight modification I did was only repeated the pattern 3 times total instead of 4 as it was written. I wanted a more snug beanie than a slouchy one. Size turned out perfectly and I haven’t blocked it yet but have worn it a couple times. For me it was fun to briefly focus on cabling but I’m good for a while now! I would do this again for a gift for someone else as it does look pretty intricate and impressive 🤗.