Shale Update

I’m now about nine inches away from where I want to be with this baby blanket. 

I’m using the 37″ length of my son’s blanket to estimate final measurements.

I’ve now memorized the four row pattern repeat and go back to this project any time I just want something relaxing and mindless to knit. Though I am still a couple months from the baby’s due date, it would be nice to have this as a completed project! 

Here’s Ethan making another sweet appearance helping me measure 💙

A finished gift

I wonder if there are knitters out there with wicker baskets full of custom made hats, mittens, hand warmers, socks, sweaters, boot cuffs and scarves? I will never be one of them. Everything I knit, I give away. I keep telling myself this will change. This is the year I’m only going to knit for myself and just buy a $5 hat for my kid already! Maybe 2018…that’s my year 🙂

Another note about knitted gifts: I usually finish them just in time for the giving, that same day. I often forget to take a picture of the finished product and then feel strange asking days later, “Can you please send me a pic of that scarf I knit you? I don’t have any pictures of it.” For that reason, my Ravelry account is pretty bare, though I’m trying to improve that!

Here are my mother-in-law’s slippers. Steamed and lightly blocked…the morning of her party 😉

What else is on the needles? Just about finished with the second skein of yarn (2 of 4) on the Shale baby blanket. I love covering my lap with it as I knit along, praying for that little, sweet baby girl growing in her Mama’s belly.

Tonight I begin the swatch for my first sweater. For myself! My parents got me a gift card for my favorite local yarn store with the contingency it had to be used for myself. Normally that gift card would be used up within days. This one was in my knitting bag for FOUR months before I spent it on the yarn for the sweater. Granted, I had just had our third baby and took a bit of a knitting maternity leave, but still. Four months! More to come on the sweater. Maybe it’s a sign that this next year will be my year of the full wicker basket.

Shale Baby Blanket

Knitting is synonymous with giving.

It’s one of the reasons I wanted to learn how to knit – so I could hand make gifts for people I love. I have knit two other baby blankets and each one took so. much. time. I am urgent by nature so detailed, large projects aren’t really my thing. However, when a special baby is on the way, a little hat and blanket seem like the right gifts to give.

The Shale Baby Blanket pattern is from Brooklyn Tweed.

I recently got to enjoy knitting off of a dock over our local river on a sunny day. Trying to soak up all the remaining days of summer!

Project Details: I’m using a worsted weight washable yarn (Berocco Vintage, dove) with size 8 US needles. There is a three stitch garter border and a beautiful scalloped wave to the bottom edges of the blanket with a 20 stitch repeat. I’m about a quarter of the way done and the baby’s due date is December 18th so I feel like I’m making good timing. I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone looking for a lace blanket that is somewhat challenging at first, then easy to memorize and flow while watching Netflix or listening to Audible 🙂   …some of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day.