Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill

I travel all around Northeast Wisconsin for work and if I get some spare time while on the road, it’s the perfect opportunity to visit a yarn store. In this case, a woolen mill and yarn store. Hidden Valley is true to its title – there’s just a small sign on the side of the road indicating you’re there.

I just happened to arrive on a day when the staff was at a wool festival and took just about every skein of yarn. This did save me some money, but I was disappointed.  The farm has several pastures for the sheep to roam and they sell meat and yarn from their two story barn. Their mill includes this machine from the early 1900’s – it is still running and spins their yarn.

Although I didn’t get to make any purchases, these hides were impressive to touch.  

My drive home was gorgeous. The storm blew over and I got to enjoy the landscape.

Overall, a really great day.