Cromwell Pullover

I don’t know if I have mentioned I took a sweater knitting class at my local yarn store…

I avoided sweaters for years because I thought it was just for advanced knitters. Definitely not the case! In fact, I plan to have the people I’ve been teaching to knit to do a sweater in the first six months of leaning. Here’s my sweater almost finished. It’s been a journey. High point: realizing this is doable and not too difficult. Low point: it’s not as loose and baggy as I was hoping. Definitely should have done the size medium instead of small and just adjust the sleeves to be smaller, but I didn’t. It’s okay. Still fits great and will fit even better when I’m done nursing! 🙌🏼

Yarn: Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok

Needles: US 8

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